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Equipment checklist


Promis checklist

Promis Rx receiver(fully charged)
Promis Rx sensor
LCD for Tx ( optional )
Promis Tx receiver(fully charged)
Promis TX loop (80 cm) + connection cable
Promis TX loop (120 cm) + connection cable
2 Promis Tx battery belt + connection cable
USB Cable 
Promis user’s manual
Safety instruction leaflet

CD IRIS Instruments with USB Driver
IX1D software installed + Dongle
Laptop with EMsys installed

Holder for sensor and Rx console
Cable between Rx console / Sensor
2 Promis battery chargers with their cables and US adapters
Footstand (two parts) for the sensor and Rx holder
Big plate for the leg of the sensor holder
2 Screws to hold the leg
4 Screws to hold the Rx console
8 Screws to hold the Rx sensor
Measuring tape (non-metallic)
Floor marking (spray paint)
GPS and cable
1 cable between Tx and loop
Tx-Rx reel(s) of cable 20/50/100/200/400m

Promis checklist

Magnetic Resonance


Promis checklist

+33 466-584-525
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