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Switch Pro

Switch Pro

Extension switching box for SYSCAL PRO and ELREC PRO units
• Able to drive 24 to 192 electrodes
• Dedidated to extended 2D or 3D arrays

The electrodes numbering is done automatically from the unit ; two push buttons allow to select the first electrode number to be used, to make it compatible with your SYSCAL Pro Switch unit, and with other SWITCH Pro boxes ; The unit has its own screen allowing to see the electrodes number currently used together with the battery level.

Several SWITCH Pro boxes can be connected together for large 2D or 3D acquisitions (up to 192 electrodes can be switched per SWITCH Pro unit with a maximum of 2000 electrodes for the full system).


switching : 

24 to 192 electrodes


12V battery

Operating Temp.: 

-20 to +70°C



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